HexLib - A Java component by sample


HexLib uses FreeBSD Licenses.

Longer version about licenses

I have used for the GUI some components already developed by other persons (e.g. Autofiller or ComponentTitleBorder by Santosh Kumar, HeapView by sky). For the GUI implementation I did not checked thoroughly if there are any problems with the components I have used, especially since I provide source code. If there are any objections please tell me and I'll think about how and what to change.

For the library I am confident that I did not miss anything resp. violate any existing licenses cause most of the code was developed by myself.

My ideas about licenses

I do not believe that licenses prevent from usage. I am working in a big IT company and the software used is also not always in a very clear state - whatever the reasons are ... 

I hope this piece of application resp. library will help your everyday life, so there is some kind of benefit. If there are as well ideas how to improve that software I am looking forward to some kind of feedback - or even some implemented code. That is my only hope, I have in that part of project - that somehow others will contribute as well. I do not know, if this hope is some kind of false hope, but if I do not hope, who else should hope?