HexLib - A Java component by sample


I have no idea, what the future will bring. Some ideas are:

GUI-related Library related
Undo Support
Support for middle mouse-button ScrollWheel
Configuration of the width Width variable customizable (e.g. instead of 16 bytes width, 24, 32 or 48 or ....)
Use as well icons and polish the GUI
Display the values under the cursor in different conversion (e.g. binary, octal, hex, 64-hex, ...)
File not required to load into memory, but use some kind of virtualisation of the file into memory.


  •  Huge files (e.g. ISO-files with 4 GB) could be handled Currently file size is limited to memory (and 2GB max file-size).


  • Loading mechanism must be changed
  • Search function does not work any longer
  • Copy/Paste/Cut will also be affected
Changes of Look and Feel (appearance would change)
Save changes on the GUI in the system preferences

These are just ideas - keep in mind, that the order of the ideas is not necessarily the order as it will be implemented.
If you cannot find your idea on the list, you are welcome to tell me and perhaps I'll update the homepage resp. implement it Smiley wink