HexLib - A Java component by sample

What is HexLib?

There are multiple ways to explain what it is resp. what it is not. So, I can provide some approaches. If you cannot find your approach, you are looking for, you are welcome to tell me and perhaps I'll update the homepage Smiley wink

Short summary

HexLib is a Java Swing library to provide the function of a Hex-Editor resp. Hex-Viewer.

Long version

HexLib is a HexEditor which is implemented as a Java Swing library with a sample interface to show the usage of the library.

Graphical version

One picture explains more then 1.000 words:

The practical version

Click on the picture above and HexLib will launch. You can explore the available features immediately.

Keep in mind to have access to your file system it is required to grant privileges to your disk. If you do not want to give the permissions you will have no access to your file system.  

Pay as well attention, to have the last version running. Perhaps HexLib GUI is saved somewhere and therefore it is retrieved from the Browser Cache. To find out, what the latest version is, follow this link.